Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have A Plan (left) = I Have An Idea (right)

I wasn't home for 5 minutes this evening, when my 4 year old son Nolan rushed over to share a story with me, "Mommy...I had a plan. My plan was to go to the park, but my Daddy did not listen to my plan and we didn't go to the park."

To anyone but Brian and I this may not sound like a big deal. However, we have a little saying in our house, "Hey! I have an idea...howl's about we..." and then we finish the sentence with our idea of what we would like to do.

Tonight, for the very first time, Nolan's brain came up with the language of the Bottom Left Brain for the exact same concept/point. To test this I asked, "Nolan, do you mean that you had an idea that you and Daddy should go to the park?"

"Yes mommy. I had a plan and Daddy did not listen."
Amazing! Nolan's speech center is developing and the language he is choosing to express himself for referring to his ideas is "plan". They say that the assessment of a childs brain should not be conducted until age 12 - yet, I believe his nature is left sided.

When he was 2 years old, Santa gave him a whole bunch of Hot Wheels. He dumped them all on the center of the floor and then lined them up side-by-side, using his tiny little hand to align them in as straight of a line as he could manage. This was NOT a taught behavior. This thought that "things need to be in order" has been visible from that moment on.
Then at age 3, Santa brought many presents. Nolan was very careful to open each one slowly, looking at each item, and then placing it in a spot along the wall. When we tried piling the toys up he got VERY upset, "mommy don't move them...this is where they go, just like this" and he placed each item back in his original position.
I am starting to prove my theory about brain preference being rooted in ultimate innate values. Nolan shows a drive for accuracy and accomplishment. The signs are pointing to accuracy however, as his dominant driver.

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