Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Big Idea

When I was 23 years old I wrote a simple little book, Mission Fruition: Finding Your Flourishing Purpose. I was working as a Success Coach for Success Coaching Institute. I had no real schooling on being a coach, just experiences with clients I picked-up at Barnes & Noble, tyring to find themselves on the shelves of the Self-Help section.

It was through their stories that I sat around thinking about the final point to our conversations one random day.

The idea of a tree seed, with DNA came to mind. A tree is designed to be a tree. It doesn't try being anything other than that. Its sole purpose is to grow and create more trees.

I'll never forget driving in Safety Harbor, Florida realizing that just like the tree, each of us are pre-coded for a purpose. Just like there are pine trees, oak trees, maple trees - we each have a special code for who we are meant to be as humans. Voila...Mission Fruition.

When I was 32 I met and became friends with Larry Wilson (of Wilson Learning, author of Play to Win). At age 33 I came to know Jim Cathcart (author of The Acorn Principle). I found that my little old theory, and idea was right on target with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of human performance theory!

I am now 34 years old. My career journey has afforded me the opportunity to actually learn about, and become an expert myself in human performance.

For 11+ years, I have been putting together a "big idea".
A philosophy.
A model.
A process.
A practice.

My brain exploded one day on a white board, as everything I understand came together for once! My team was victim to a MOST excited Kathy Potts. People from HR, Engineering, IT, and whoever else happened to be walking by...stopped for me to explain. Some walked away thinking I was crazy.

It was the ones that said, "oh my god...I think you actually have something here" that I choose to listen to now.

Mike, this post is for you buddy. The time has come to start communicating this in a way that is simple, understandable, and relevant

The time has come to execute the launch of YOU Q - into a world in great need of understanding "HOW" to move forward.

Let's do eet!

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